Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola

corporate events

Thomas Bresadola is the most sought after stage hypnotist for corporate hypnotist.
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college events

Thomas Bresadola is the #1 stage hypnotist performing in the college market. More performances than any other entertainer.
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Energetic, exciting and funny! Thomas Bresadola is excellent at edutainment.
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hypnosis seminars

Thomas Bresadola hypnosis show is as fun to watch as it is to participate. Check out some highlights of past performances.
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game show host

Thomas Bresadola has years of experience hosting game shows. Wheel, Feud, 60 Seconds and many more.
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Thomas Bresadola is a hit for every event he has performed. Funny, informative and super nice. Hey, it's what they say!
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Thomas Bresadola answers your questions regarding events and how a hypnosis performance is perfect for your guests.
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why choose thomas bresadola

Thomas has the experience, the expertise and the excellence that you demand in a professional entertainer.
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performance video clips

Watch and laugh at some of the best moments from Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola's biggest shows!
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the mind traveler on YouTube

Watch Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola perform the strongest form of hypnosis. The Mind Traveler will better your life!
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Thomas Bresadola has been assisting people in changing their lives for years. Ready to improve your life?
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Thomas Bresadola is ready to perform for you. Just give him a call at 888-658-0515. Thomas has a passport and can be anywhere in the world tomorrow.
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NEWS RELEASE July 11, 2024: Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola's Spring Tour 2024 is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, known for his captivating performances that blend humor, empathy, and the power of hypnosis. His shows aren't just entertainment, they're unique learning experiences that demystify the science of the mind in a fun and accessible way. By booking his show, colleges can offer their students an unforgettable event that combines education, entertainment, and the opportunity to engage with a world-renowned expert in the field of hypnosis.

NEWS RELEASE July 04, 2024: Hire Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola, a 5-time world champion, for an unforgettable event guaranteed to captivate your audience. Known for his clean humor, Bresadola's performances are not just hilariously entertaining but also suitable for all audiences, offering an inclusive show that everyone can enjoy. Beyond the laughter and enchantment, his hypnosis shows provide fascinating insights into the power of the human mind, adding an educational layer that sparks interest in psychology, neuroscience, and personal development. By hiring Thomas Bresadola, you're not just booking an event; you're creating a memorable experience that stands out. Book now for a unique blend of entertainment, education, and engagement.

NEWS RELEASE June 27, 2024: Step right up, folks! Ever wondered what it's like to forget your own name or believe you're the world's greatest dancer? With Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola, you won't just wonder—you'll witness! Thomas isn't just any hypnotist—he's a 5-time world champion. He can make you laugh till you cry with his clean, side-splitting humor, and leave you in awe with his mind-bending skills. But don't worry, he promises to give your brain back after the show. Intrigued? Good! That's the power of suggestion working already. So why resist? Give your audience an unforgettable experience. Book the master of hypnotic hilarity now. Who knows, you might even learn a trick or two! Remember, a day without laughter is a day wasted. So let's waste no more time! Contact us to book the best hypnosis show on the planet.