Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola

corporate events

Thomas Bresadola is the most sought after stage hypnotist for corporate hypnotist.
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college events

Thomas Bresadola is the #1 stage hypnotist performing in the college market. More performances than any other entertainer.
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Energetic, exciting and funny! Thomas Bresadola is excellent at edutainment.
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hypnosis seminars

Thomas Bresadola hypnosis show is as fun to watch as it is to participate. Check out some highlights of past performances.
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game show host

Thomas Bresadola has years of experience hosting game shows. Wheel, Feud, 60 Seconds and many more.
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Thomas Bresadola is a hit for every event he has performed. Funny, informative and super nice. Hey, it's what they say!
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Thomas Bresadola answers your questions regarding events and how a hypnosis performance is perfect for your guests.
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why choose thomas bresadola

Thomas has the experience, the expertise and the excellence that you demand in a professional entertainer.
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performance video clips

Watch and laugh at some of the best moments from Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola's biggest shows!
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the mind traveler on YouTube

Watch Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola perform the strongest form of hypnosis. The Mind Traveler will better your life!
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Thomas Bresadola has been assisting people in changing their lives for years. Ready to improve your life?
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Thomas Bresadola is ready to perform for you. Just give him a call at 888-658-0515. Thomas has a passport and can be anywhere in the world tomorrow.
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NEWS RELEASE November 22, 2023: Booking Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola for your Fall 2023 events ensures a unique, engaging, and unforgettable experience that will leave your guests talking about it for years to come.