Here are the main questions that prosepective clients (that turned into happy clients) have asked. We are willing to bet your have the same questions.

Do People Really Attend Virtual Events?

YES! Virtual events are for the niche market. That means you will get a certain percentage of your niche customers to attend your virtual event. You already have a built in audience, why not give them something more?

What's the difference between a webinar, broadcast, and a virtual experience?

Webinar: A webinar is a meeting or speaker where the audience watches and or listens. Other than a chat feature, the audience does not interact.

Broadcast: A broadcast is same as television. Broadcast features highly-produced segments with speakers and panelists and visual elements

Virtual Experience: A full-scale virtual event experience provides the same elements as a broadcast with the ability to have interaction via video, audio, polling and chat.

Virtual Event Benefits

With a virtual event your customers do not have to travel to you. That is just an added benefit. The #1 reason to have a virtual event is the fact that your customers are ONLY speaking with you! Virtual events can give you the opportunity to sell far more than you ever have. For selling, think of your virtual event as your very own infomercial!

Why Should I Go Virtual?

Because you are an industry leader. If you are reading this page then you have the ambition to go virtual with your event. You have the foresight of what you need to do to make your business grow. Virtual events can grow your business.

Virtual Events Cost Too Much!

Call and tell us what it is you would like to do as a virtual event. We are happy to speak to you. Our team will give a great low price based on your needs. It’s that easy. Our toll free telephone number is: 855-368-2610.

Is Going Virtual The Right Decision?

Only you would know the answer. However, we will tell you the answer is yes. Why? Virtual Events are the future. You have to start out slow with getting into virtual events. If you wait until two or three years from now to “jump on the band wagon” you will be playing catch up instead of play follow me, the leader. There is no better time to start than now.